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‘Right hand to the CEO’: Marketers on the changing demands of the CMO

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According to top marketers speaking at the Cannes Lions Innovation Festival today (June 19), to land a spot in the top spots, marketers must demonstrate that they can contribute. to the overall health and development of the business.

“I see myself as the CEO’s right hand man,” said Fernando Machado, CMO of startup NotCo and former CMO of Burger King. “I joined ESG [environmental, social and governance]diversity and inclusion, recruitment, culture – all the things that marketers of the old days probably wouldn’t have. [part of]. [Historically] We will be boxing more into the marketing department.

While the fundamentals of marketing remain the same, and he insists CMOs must master the basics in order for them to stand a chance of landing the position, he says he’s noticed “a great deal of improvement.” big change” in the role of CMO since first joining Unilever back in 1996.

Former Burger King CMO Fernando Machado on transition to ‘trash’ startup role

As a result, he says he’s been trying to develop his leadership style, adding that “the CMOs I know and admire are doing it too.” “They go beyond the 4Ps and become more of a fighting force for the company.” He believes that marketers must put themselves in a position where they are constantly learning.

He added: “If the CEO’s right-hand man had always been the CFO, things wouldn’t have ended so well. You need to be in that mix and if the company… has a vision for the marketing that will happen naturally.”

Call it CMO – fine. That’s what you do with it. That’s how you shape the CMO.

Mark Kirkham, PepsiCo

Mark Kirkham, PepsiCo’s CMO of international beverages, agreed that it is important for marketers to “struggle for a seat at the table”. And while there has been debate over whether chief marketing officer is still the right title for the most senior marketer in an organization, he says that title “needs to be protected,” because without a CMO there is no guarantee that the consumer is sitting in it. every conversation, which “ultimately is our job”. But at the same time he says the role has “evolved”.

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“Calling it CMO is fine. That’s what you do with it. That’s how you shape the CMO. Jane [Wakely, PepsiCo’s chief consumer and marketing officer] joked that she should be the smile director, I’d probably get in trouble for saying that but it’s true,” Kirkham said.

“I think Raja [Rajamannar, Mastercard CMO] said it a few years ago, but the CMO is the GM [general manager] who knows a lot about marketing, this goes back to that growth mindset. You need to define what CMOs do and their impact, but ultimately I think we need marketers at the highest levels of organizations. We need to fight for a seat at the table.” The language of the meeting room: What to say and what to avoid

Don’t be afraid to fail

To get to the top, Kirkham says marketers have to push themselves, adding: “If you don’t have a little bit of fear you’re probably not doing your job.”

He admits that some of the biggest lessons he’s learned throughout his career, including more than a decade at PepsiCo, as well as nearly five years at Procter & Gamble, have all come from the setbacks he’s encountered. Right.

“Some of the best lessons I ever had were bombed campaigns, ideas that were probably not consumer-based and not [developed] about insight,” he added. “Fear is really just excitement in disguise. You really have the same physical sensation… You just have to take that and turn it into something powerful.”

“If you’re not afraid of failure, you’re not going to do the things that make you successful,” he added. “We all have different challenges but if you don’t confront them, we will not succeed, not as an industry and not as marketers.”

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