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People twice as likely to trust ads after seeing watchdog’s awareness drive

ASA campaign
Source: ASA

Consumers who saw or heard the latest awareness campaign from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) are more than twice as likely to trust the ad industry, and individual adverts, according to new figures.

The latest results in an ongoing campaign by the ASA and Advertising Association (AA), measure trust across different channels, with improvements seen in every case where consumers were exposed to the ASA creative. 

Trust in online ads hit 36% among those who had seen the regulator’s campaign, compared to 15% among those who had not seen the creative. 

In the case of TV ads, trust for those exposed to the ASA campaign hit 46%, versus 31% of those who had not seen the adverts. Likewise, 44% of consumers reported trust in cinema ads after seeing the ASA content, versus 27% of the control sample.

Our ad campaign plays a crucial role in helping achieve our ambitious targets.

Guy Parker, ASA

Trust also rose for radio ads (43%), magazine ads (39%), posters (37%), newspapers (36%) and direct mail (36%) among those exposed to the creative.

The UK-wide campaign featured brand assets from the likes of Tesco, Marmite, Irn-Bru, Lloyds and Churchill. Led by the AA’s Trust Working Group, chaired by directors general of the IPA and ISBA, the campaign ran on TV, print, online, cinema and OOH channels, backed with ad inventory from the likes of ITV, Sky, The Guardian, YouTube and TikTok.

“We’re delighted that our UK-wide cross-media ad campaign continues to drive trust in the ASA and, by extension, trust in the ad industry,” says ASA chief executive Guy Parker.

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“Awareness and buy-in of the ASA system is a key strand in our new five year strategy and our ad campaign plays a crucial role in helping achieve our ambitious targets.”

According to Parker, the ads are helping to land key messages with consumers, including that the ASA regulates advertising claims on social media and company websites.

Trust in advertising industry ‘boosted by ASA campaign’

The question of trust is crucial. Research from UK advertising thinktank Credos shows that when consumers are aware advertising is regulated they are more likely to trust and have favourable views towards the industry generally.

Looking ahead to the campaign’s next phase, Parker claims trust in the ASA itself continues to be significantly higher among those who say they’ve seen or heard its adverts.

The sentiment is echoed by AA chief executive Stephen Woodford, who regards trust as a top priority.

“This campaign and these results show how consistent cross-channel communication can help increase awareness of how ASA regulation underpins public trust,” he adds.

Last year, the ASA revealed the campaign had successfully rebuilt a degree of trust in advertising among the public, with those who saw or heard the creative 80% more likely to trust the ad industry.



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